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Network Engineer

Job Name
Network Engineer
Job Type
Full Time
Badr City
Years of Exprerience
Job Details
  • Responsible for ensuring that the network has been customized to satisfy a customer’s wants and needs.
  • Responsible for adding programs, software and hardware that a company might need while working.
  •  Keeps a keen eye on the network performances.
  • Solves any problems that arise in within the network such as crashing.
  • Develop and install data retrieval system these are the emergency systems.
  • Maintain the emergency systems.
  • Record problems that computer users face, and how best to solve the problem for other future references.
  • Control access to the network.
  • Install security programs to prevent unauthorized access to privileged data and information.
  • Updating security programs and frequent changing of passwords.
  • Customizes networks to meet client’s needs
  • Bachelor’s degree/technical certification in Computer Science or related
  • A minimum 3-5 years of experience as a Network Engineer.